Welcome to the team

From drinking water to rising sea levels, snow has a huge impact on all life on our planet. For this reason scientists are looking at snow very carefully, using satellites, drones and computer models to collect and analyze data. But these have their limitations. This is where you come in. We need you to join Team X-Snow and help us take measurements in the field. Together we can begin to unlock the secrets in snow. 


Donate and help support our field campaign in the Catskills, NY. The funding will be used to cover student participation, data analysis, equipment purchase, transportation and other fieldwork-related activities.

What can you do?


Snowflakes are beautiful. Help us measure their shape and size by following these instructions


Pick a spot outside where you will perform snow depth measurements.


Send us your photos, measurements and other data


Watch this simple tutorial of how you can measure snowflakes.


WNYC's Clarisa Diaz shows how to scout for snowflakes.


Check out this video story from the Associated Press on our work